Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Original Mustang Dynamic Vibrato Setup Instructions from 1967 Fender Service Manual

Available here.
"The Mustang Dynamic Vibrato provides extremely smooth vibrato action and wide pitch variation. The correct position of the vibrato bar is when the vibrato spring posts at either end under the bar are straight up and down. When lighter or heavier gauge strings are used, the tension may vary, causing the bar to move out of normal position. The adjustment to bring the bar back to correct position may be made by inserting an Allen wrench into the holes on the top of the bar and turning in the appropriate direction. Turning clockwise will move the bar toward the neck and counterclockwise will move the bar away from the neck. It may be necessary to make this adjustment more than once; retuning the strings after each adjustment.
If extremely light gauge strings are used, the tension may vary more than may be compensated by the bar tension adjustment screws. Correct tension may be restored by removing the strings and then the entire vibrato unit from the body. Remove, then, the two springs attached to the lower slot at the bottom of the vibrato posts and re-attach them to the slot immediately above. Replace the vibrato unit to the body, string and tune to standard pitch. It may be once again necessary to adjust the spring tension at the two posts with the Allen wrench. When not in use, vibrato handle may be removed by loosening the screw at the end of the bar."

Compare this with my setup tips available here. Fender's original instructions call for the trem bar to be parallel to the strings and for the posts to be perpendicular to the strings. This allows both upward and downward pitch bends. My setup instructions don't allow upward bends but better overall tuning stability. YRMV. Let me know what works!

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