Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crybaby GCB-95 True Bypass

If you have an old Crybaby you know that it is a major tone suck when the wah is switched off. It's pretty easy to swap out the original SPST switch with a modern 3PDT switch to mod the pedal to true bypass. Really you only need a 2PDT switch but you can use a 3PDT switch, which seems to be easier to find, and leave one of the rows empty. I bought a couple 3PDT switches from B.Y.O.C.'s parts store here. Instructions and photos for rewiring the pedal are available from Castledine Electronics here. Note that their instructions are for a 2PDT switch. You will have to adapt their instructions for a 3PDT switch (or follow what I did in the photo above). Castledine also has instructions and photos for a couple different revisions of the pedal. In my usual manner of screwing things up as I go along, I originally wired the 3PDT switch the wrong way. As in the photo above the three tabs that make one pole of the switch are aligned vertically ( | | | ) rather than horizontally (- - -). Of course I could have checked this with a multimeter before I wired it up. Oh well. The switch is not at right angles in the photo above because the support for the pot is in the way. You will probably need to swap out washers and nuts until the feel of the switch is right. Combine this with a new pot and your old Crybaby will sound pretty darned good.

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