Friday, July 24, 2009

Fender Jaguar Wiring Mod

Here's a schematic taken from the forum for rewiring a Jaguar such that you have series/parallel switching and out-of-phase switching using only the three DPDT switches on the lower bout. You can choose to keep the strangle switch or replace it with and out-of-phase switch. The rhythm circuit on the upper bout is not affected. This is a great mod that allows all switching possibilities for two pickups.


  1. Did anyone tried this diagram?

    What's the orientation of the drawing?

  2. I am currently using this mod in my MIJ Jaguar. The phase switch is located toward the bridge, where the tone cut switch is located in a stock circuit. The pickup switches are oriented such that when the switches are both toward the lower bout (down) the pickups are in series and when the switches are both toward the strings (up) the pickups are in parallel. Remember that you are looking at the back of the switch plate in the diagram.